About me

I refuse mastery. I see limits of traditional forms of knowing. My art has no special aim, I rather create space for encounter. I seek the beginning. Sometimes I listen, other times I speak, that is all.



My story is about change. I stepped out of my design cereer after 15 years of architectural experience. I dived into art and philosophy in my search to connect the mind and the body. 

Few dates: In 1995 I graduated (MA) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Interior Design. In 2015 I graduated from doctoral studies at Faculty of Media Arts and since 2016 I engage theoretically in my doctoral studies in philosophy.

So first for many years, in close cooperation with architects, I accomplished many architectural projects in public and private spaces.

I received important prizes: in 2010 - winner of 2nd prize in the competition for Museum of Poles Saving Jews in Markowa (team with Cube Architekci Kubicki & Mizielinski). Publication in Arch no 10, 01/02 2012.

Since 2012 I became an active visual artist. In 2015 - I am the finalist of Celeste Prize 2015 in the field of painting.

I write about philosophy and art. In years 2005-2015 I am the co-author (Anda Rottenberg, Dorota Szaroszyk) of a series of interviews with Polish contemporary artists, published in Dobre Wnętrze magazine, publisher Murator.

I participate in academic and cultural life with my own exhibitions and publications. I curate: in 2013-15 I am the founder and  member of Program Board of Gallery STYK.


Today I am fully engaged in my doctoral research entitled: Aisthesis in Nonanthropocentric Perspective. The consequences of agential realism of Karen Barad for aesthetic research.