About me

I refuse mastery. I see limits of traditional forms of knowing. My art has no special aim, I rather create space for encounter. I seek the beginning. Sometimes I listen, other times I speak, that is all.



My story is about change. I stepped out of my design cereer after 15 years of architectural experience. In the proces of self-realisation I became an artist and philosopher. I dived into art in order to connect the mind and the body. 

In 1995 I graduated (MA) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Interior Design. In 2015 I graduated from doctoral studies at Faculty of Media Arts with an open doctoral thesis in media arts with the supervision of Professor Leon Tarasewicz.

Since 1995, in close cooperation with architects, I accomplished many architectural projects in public and private spaces. Since 2012 I became an active visual artist and recently I engaged in philosophy (doctor candidate).

I write about philosophy and art. In years 2005-2015 I am the co-author (Anda Rottenberg, Dorota Szaroszyk) of a series of interviews with Polish contemporary artists, published in Dobre Wnętrze magazine, publisher Murator.

I received two important prizes: in 2010 - winner of 2nd prize in the competition for Museum of Poles Saving Jews in Markowa (team with Cube Architekci Kubicki & Mizielinski). Publication in Arch no 10, 01/02 2012; in 2015 - finalist of Celeste Prize 2015 in the field of painting.

I participate in academic and cultural life: exhibitions, publications. In 2013-15 I am the founder and  member of Program Board of Gallery STYK.


See below for details:





2016                     DA studies, Institute of Philosophy, Uniwersity of Warsaw, Poland. Supervision of Professor Iwona Lorenc

2015                     DA degree (pending)– open procedure of doctoral thesis: Impression of cognition. Creative process as the act of cognition. Supervision of Professor Leon Tarasewicz, Media Arts Faculty, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland

2012-15                DA studies, Media Arts Faculty, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland. Work under supervision of Professor Leon Tarasewicz (Warsaw) and Krzysztof Wodiczko (Warsaw, Harvard)

1993                     MA Interior Design Faculty, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw. Promoter of masters diploma – Professor Teresa Kruszewska

1985-1987            Master studies, English Philology Faculty, University of Gdańsk, Poland

1985                     Baccalaureate in III LO in Gdynia, Poland


Artistic practice

Since 2015            Philosophy as Art

Since 2012            Media Art practice – painting, performance, video

1993-2012             Architecture, interior and furniture design


Prize in Art

2015                      Celeste Prize 2015 - finalist artist for The Touch (co-author Ewelina Makosa) - performative painting.

Prize in Architecture

2010                      2nd prize in competition for architectural project of Museum  of Poles Saving Jews of Ulm Family in Markowa, Poland. SARP NR 947. Team work with Cube Architekci Kubicki & Mizielinski.


Selected Media Art Exhibitions


2016                      Children’s Day II 2016, Gallery Centrum Łowicka, Warsaw

                              Let it be, Facinas, Spain

2015                      The Touch/Der Tastsinn, Institute fur Alles Mogliche, Berlin, Germany

2014                      Sublime is now, Otwarte Ogrody Sadyba, Warsaw, Poland

2015                      The Touch/ Der Tastsinn, Institute fur Alles Mogliche, Berlin


                Group international

2016                      Videocube, BANSKÁ ST A  NICA Contemporary, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

2015                      Celeste Prize 2015, Milan, Italy

2013                      Gifnesis, 9. International Visual Art Festival Inspirations 2013/Genesis, Szczecin

                              Nowa Flaga Cieszyn, Biennale in Wenecja Cieszyńska, Cieszyn

                 Group in Poland

2016                     Kolorowe sukienki, Noc Muzeów, Jazdów, Warsaw (co. MIH Fund)

2014                     Wolność, Galeria Schody, Warsaw

                             Widzialne, Galeria Spokojna, Warsaw

2013                     Dżem Session, Galeria Pracownia nr 1, Warsaw

                             Cześć Akademii Galeria Salon Akademii, Warsaw

                             Terytorium Galeria Bocheńska, Warsaw

                             DwuFaza Galeria Spokojna, Warsaw

                             321…START! Galeria Styk, Warsaw

                             Miastoobrazy, Galeria Fotografii, Siedlce

1994                     Krzesło ’94, Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego, Warsaw

1992                     Zabawka Estetyczną Inicjacją Dziecka, Wrocław


Performative actions in public space

2016                     Macica, Facinas, Spain

                             Dzień Dziecka II (2016), Łowicka 21, Gallery Łowicka, Warsaw

2015                     Plac Piłsudskiego, Pilsudskiego Square, Warsaw, Poland

                             Rozumienie i interpretacja - action in public space with students, Warsaw, Poland

                             Dzień dziecka I - action in public space with inhabitants, Warsaw, Poland (co. E. Makosa)

                             Laundry, Berlin (co. Jonas Marx)

                             Wyłonić Fest 2015 - Emergent Berlin Festival. Wedding, Berlin, Germany (co. Gardener Buutz)

                             Narie – Mazury, Poland

                             Utopia of migration – Warsaw, Poland

 2014                    Nowa flaga Cieszyn –Biennale in Wenecja Cieszyńska, Cieszyn

                             Plama – Slow Fashion, Dom Towarowy Braci Kwiatkowskich, Warsaw

2013                     Cześć Akademii, Salon Akademii Gallery ASP, Warsaw - action in gallery space



Selected popular

2004-2014              Dzieło wybrane  - cycle for Dobre Wnętrze Magazine, interviews with major Polish contemporary artists in cooperation with Anda Rottenberg, Andrzej Starmach, Dorota Szaroszyk



Parrhesia as artistic attitude of Krzysztof Wodiczko in public space in: Bogusław Dziadzia, Barbara Głyda-Żydek, Sabina Piskorek-Oczko (ed.), Art in public domain, Bielsko-Biała – Cieszyn, 2015. ISBN: 978-83-64812. Delivered at conference in Cieszyn, Poland

Students of the distinguished visual artists. Zuzanna Ziółkowska in Biala Gallery in Lublin in: Anna Zeidler-Janiszewska, Mateusz Skrzeczkowski (ed.), Revealing modernity Wydawnictwo Naukowe Katedra, Gdańsk, 2015. ISBN-978-83-63434-21-2. Delivered at conference in Lublin, Poland



Krzesło ‘94, Galeria BWA, Kraków, 1994, ISBN 83-902099-2-6

Dżem Session, Wydawnictwo ASP w Warszawie i Autorzy, Warszawa, 2013, ISBN 978-83-63594-17-6

Terytorium, Fundacja Mnemozyne, Warszawa, 2013, ISBN 978=83-937740-0-5

Dwufaza, Wydawnictwo ASP w Warszawie i Autorzy, Warszawa, 2013, ISBN 978-83-63594-30-5

Gifnesis w ramach Inspiracji 2013 Szczecin, 13 Muz, Szczecin, 2013, ISBN 978-83-61233-42-8

321…START!, Wydawnictwo ASP, Warszawa, 2013, ISBN: 978-83-63594-45-9

Wolność/Freedom, New Fine Grain, Kielce, 2014, ISBN: 978-83-62485-36-9

Widzialne/Visible, Oficyna Wydawnicza Auriga, Warszawa, 2014, ISBN: 978-83-62256-68-6

Starszyzna/Elders (curatorial text), Oficyna Wydawnicza Auriga, Warszawa, 2015, ISBN 978-83-62256-92-1


Curatorial practice

2012-2015            Selected exhibitions at Spokojna Gallery, Poland

                             Member of Program Board of Styk Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

                             Curatorial practice in Styk Gallery, Warsaw, Poland


Important exhibition design projects

2005                      Exhibition Warsaw-Moscow / Moscow-Warsaw 1900-2000 for the curator Anda Rottenberg, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland

2013-15                 Exhibition work for DA students in Styk Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Architecture Design Practice

1995-2012            InnaPracownia - interior design for architects (general manager)

2007-2012            Cube Architekci Kubicki Mizieliński, Warsaw; cooperation

2004-2006            Architekturbeuro Andrzej Kapuscik”, Vienna, Austria; cooperation

2001-2004            Szaroszyk & Rycerski Architekci, cooperation

1995-2000            Arte – Studio Architektoniczne Daniel Olech, Warsaw; cooperation

1994-1995            BSW Studio Projektowe, Warsaw; first employment as designer

Selected architectural projects

Międzyleski Specjalistyczny Hospital, Warsaw, Poland

Sea Towers – largest apartment building in Gdynia, Poland

Aqua Park – swimming pools, spa and restaurants, Sopot, Poland

Toyota Chodzeń – car exhibition studio, Warsaw, Poland

Fortis Bank, Gdańsk, Poland

Land Shopping Center, Warsaw, Poland

Other:    shops, offices, private spaces


Education in architecture and design

2005                      organization and conduct of cycle of workshops More Design, More Vienna for the United Nations society in Vienna, Austria



                        Polish     native

                        English    fluent, experience in translation

                        French   medium

                        German  basic

Other education

                        Courses in management and marketing (PARP)

                        Certified course in Project Management

                        Esthetics – course in Philosophy Institute, University of Warsaw


Family             Married, three children